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A Fairly Old Cold Case and a Starry Starry Night

Its always been “common knowledge” that Vincent van Gogh committed suicide,unable to livee in the world that did not understand him or appreciate his art. But, according to some new research,perhaps he was murdered…………this just in from BBC News………..

Van Gogh did not kill himself, authors claim

Vincent van Gogh did not kill himself, the authors of new biography Van Gogh: The Life have claimed.

Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait, 1887

Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith say that, contrary to popular belief, it was more likely he was shot accidentally by two boys he knew who had “a malfunctioning gun”.

The authors came to their conclusion after 10 years of study with more than 20 translators and researchers.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam called the claim “dramatic” and “intriguing”……..

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