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Beware the Ides of March – the Inge Lotz murder

Inge Lotz was murdered on 16 March 2005.
It was my birthday last week.
There is only one (very tenuous) connection between the two statements above, and that is that I got got a book voucher for my birthday and yesterday, in between power cuts at my local mall, I bought “Bloody Lies” by Thomas and Calvin Mollet; I started reading it last night and it cetainly looks like a cracker.

It was a highly publicised murder, and then when Inge Lotz’ boyfriend, a trainee actuary called Fred van der Vyver, was arrested it led to a highly publicised trial. A highly publicised book described the trial – “Fruit of a Poisoned Tree” by Anthony Altbeker. In  court the defense experts took apart the police/prosecution case and after being acquitted Fred  van der Vyver sued the police for damages and won – justice is an expensive business and apparently Fred’s dad had spent around R10 million on his defense. The fact that Fred won was highly publicised. Less well publicised was that this was struck down on appeal.

Thomas Mollet read “Fruit of a Poisoned Tree” by Anthony Altbeker, and was left feeling that obvious bias against the police/prosecution on the part of the author perversely  created a niggling feeling of doubt. He started thinking about the evidence as portrayed in the book, and his doubts grew. As he played around with the evidence some more, his doubts grew larger and he contacted his engineer brother. Together they re-examined every bit of the case, teaching themselves forensics along the way. They have been vilified by many experts but ask that they are challenged on facts; so far I have not seen any expert disprove any of the claims of the Mollet brothers.

I will read the book over the next few days. After this, and because this is a provocative blog, I intend e-mailing a few of the key players in this case to ask some fetching questions.

Stay tuned………




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