Of Prodding Tigers and Unforeseen Consequences

Now I don’t mind receiving the odd threat in the course of researching a psychopath, it is to be expected, but then my poor old blogging friend and acquaintance Colonialist commented on my previous post (a very innocuous comment too: “I don’t care” it went) and got an extraordinary response from the “Coalition Against Cyber Bullying” warning him to “button it” or he would be “dealt with”.

Three things spring to mind; firstly my disappointment that my personal tiger prodding led to an innocent blogger getting threatened, secondly that the Coalition obviously has very little sense of irony in that they used cyberspace to do their crude threatening, and lastly that the coalition is probably unaware that Colonialist served under both Sir Charles Hambro and Orde Wingate and as such is probably not overly worried by their threats.

Now please be careful out there


One thought on “Of Prodding Tigers and Unforeseen Consequences”

  1. Warning.
    Would the person who has been commenting and pretending to be a SAPS Warrant Officer – 15 comments in all – please note that they have been removed as the real Warrant Officer does not want his personal cellphone number in the public domain. Impersonating a police officer is a crime whether one dresses up in a uniform and hijacks cars or whether one impersonates him electronically. All comments to WordPress are recorded, along with IP addresses.


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