The Strange Case of Ian Brakspear (Part 2)

In one way, I feel a rah-rah and bring-it-on and bullish because Ian Brakspear’s case starts on Monday in the Durban high court, he has a full two weeks set aside, he may any witness he likes including court officials, the Black lawyers Forum will be there as a Friend of the Court to keep a close watch on things, as will advocacy groups like NewERA. And so we might finally see some justice in this particular case, and I hope its a very uncomfortable fortnight indeed for the despicable Leonard Katz.

In another way, I feel more depressed each time I talk and/or write about this case with the rotten state of the cosy old-boys club that justice clearly is in this country. The arrogance with which the various establishment players bent and broke the law reminds one of the false entitlement attitudes of the Nixon team during and before Watergate.

Incredible, shocking and amazing. as one very high profile case draws to a close (Oscar) and another looms (Dewani) it seems that ,most people don’t even realise that a far more important case, with huge implications, is about to start.

Rah-rah, bring it on !!


3 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Ian Brakspear (Part 2)”

  1. You’re a really stupid cunt Czardas and as ignorant as they come. You know nothing about the law, nothing about crime and nothing about anything you write. It is plain to see that you resort to plagiarism.


  2. Warning.
    Would the person who has been commenting and pretending to be a SAPS Warrant Officer – 15 comments in all – please note that they have been removed as the real Warrant Officer does not want his personal cellphone number in the public domain. Impersonating a police officer is a crime whether one dresses up in a uniform and hijacks cars or whether one impersonates him electronically. All comments to WordPress are recorded, along with IP addresses.


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